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Rachel Hofer, MS, is a contractor and works with Rachel Cannon Ghulamani, M.S., LMHC at Private Reflections, LLC. Rachel Cannon Ghulamani, LMHC, specializes in providing couple’s and marriage counseling through Emotion Focused Therapy. This therapy focuses on the underlying attachment needs and fears and the underlying negative cycles.  Through recognizing these cycles and working in session on communicating unmet needs and primary fears, relationships that were once dead can come alive again.  This is the most cutting edge and successful type of couple’s counseling.  It is essential when choosing a relationship counselor that you choose a counselor who uses Emotion Focused Therapy.  It is the most successful form of couple’s therapy and there are only a handful of marriage counselors in the Gainesville area that are trained in this type of counseling.

The book Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson is a wonderful resource for couples in therapy.