I am also certified in group exercise instruction and Yoga. Somatic therapies that use the mind-body connection are powerful.

I keep bringing up this TED talk with students and clients. The research she did shows that power poses increase Testosterone and reduce Cortisol levels (high Cortisol correlates with stress). Warrior pose from yoga in the bathroom stall before your next interview! NOT IN THE INTERVIEW! I wonder how poses that are more serene affect our hormones such as the mountain pose, the tree, or some stretches. . .

After using power poses on a regular basis (along with deep breathing, butterfly hugs, positive affirmation, mindfulness, guided meditation, exercise, and poses) 2-3 times a week for a few months you can feel so different. Anxiety, stress, and that feeling of going going going can be GONE. It can work like a drug.

Rachel Hofer


*The form of yoga I teach does not include religious practices or Hindu theology. There are different forms of meditation which I do not practice in these classes because of my spiritual convictions and yoga may not be appropriate for everyone. Yoga is a term that has different definitions so please be mindful. Phil. 4:8, 2 Cor. 10:5