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“Definition of Mental Disorder. The DSM-5 Task Force has proposed a new definition of mental disorder which includes, “A behavioral or psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual that reflects an underlying psychobiological dysfunction” (APA, 2011). Using the term psychobiological implies that all mental disorders have an underlying biological component. Although advances in neuroscience have greatly enhanced our understanding of psychopathology, the current science does not fully support a biological connection for all mental disorders. We therefore request that the definition of mental disorder be amended to indicate that mental disorders may not have a biological component.”

“Although the DSM-5 Task Force has described its development process as “open, transparent and free of bias” (Kupfer & Regier, 2009, p. 40), all work group members were required to sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them from divulging information about the DSM-5 process, even after it is published.”

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