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Come to a quiet, private, confidential, place where you can sit down and talk about what may be troubling you.  With a trained professional who listens, retell your story in a way that brings hope and meaning to your life. Counseling allows space to listen to yourself, empathize, look in a mirror to reflect, and heal.

Rachel Hofer, MS, LMHC

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 ‘The first duty of love is to listen.’ Tillich

(we all have an ‘inner child’)

203 Forest Park Cir. Panama City, FL 32405

Loving Therapy was established as the fictitious name for a sole proprietorship on Valentine’s day 2013, to provide mental health and family counseling services as well as other programs and services to benefit community mental health. The name was chosen in part because it is easy to explain to children that a therapist is like a doctor for your heart and your feelings, Loving Therapy, and because love is so central to our mental health. 

Rachel is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has seen success in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat a variety of mental health issues with her clients. Rachel has training and 4 years experience offering Play Therapy to children with trauma, anxiety, issues with grief, divorce, social problems, as well as diagnosed mental illnesses. She is working on her Play Therapy Certification. Among other things, she is certified in Batterers Intervention and a vendor with the state of Florida for Vocational Rehabilitation. She respects people of all faiths and backgrounds and her own understanding of life and belief come from a unique Christian perspective.

Rachel has experience in a variety of settings with many counseling related issues including in residential, Baker Act Unit, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, and private practice:

drug addiction, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, the trauma of physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual addiction, offense, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. Rachel has worked with children who are experiencing the effects of grief, abuse, and/or divorce.

She has also worked as an advocate at a domestic violence shelter and as a behavior tech with clients who have autism and severe behavior problems. She has taught Career Development, College Success, and Psychology over the past few years at Santa Fe College and City College. She has an interest in health psychology and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and yoga instructor.

This site links to http://www.lovingtherapy.org (and used to link to loving therapy . com but no longer does).

Phone: 850-888-2182

Fax: 888.689.7425


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